Everyday, In-stock Yarn bases

Scroll down to see all the varieties of yarn we offer - there are bases you spec for custom orders without a delay. Some of the others below, marked Special Order, may require time to acquire and dye the yarn so please contact us for lead times. 



A fingering yarn worthy of a midwestern winter! A blend of wool, alpaca and nylon so its as warm as it is strong! This yarn will make a really special pari of socks - very warm! But it will also create a divine sweater or hate, mittens, muff, cowl or scarf.

*Woolly-Paca* comes in 100 gram skeins, 4-plies of 60% superwash merino, 20% nylon and 20% alpaca for roughly 435 yds. Figure about 6 sts per inch on US 2 needles. (2.75mm). Seen above in "Chocolate Orange."    $22.00

Shawl For The Best: Krakatoa


Our newest favorite! That's right, it's a dream to knit with and to dye! And while it's the perfect option for a wrap or shawlette when a normal skein of fingering isn't enough and two will be way too much, it's so much more! Light and airy but with utterly spectacular stitch definition, it forms the finest hand when knitted into fabric. If only you could reach through the screen to touch it! 

*Shawl For The Best* comes in 100 gram skeins, 3-plies of 100% superwash merino, approximately 490 yds. Figure between 7-9 sts per inch on US 0-2 needles. (2.0mm - 2.75mm). The twist is not too high, but just right to really show off your sts while yielding a superb hand. Seen above in "Krakatoa." $19.00

Frida: Storm Cloud

Frida Helix

She's the matriarch of the Helix family - (Helix, think of the twisted strands of DNA). This yarn is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound or be so very soft and sweet against a baby's cheek. 80% superwash merino, 10% nylon and 10% cashmere. 100 grams, and approx. 400 yds. 7-8 sts on US 1-2 (2.25mm-2.75mm). Seen above in "Storm Cloud" $25.00

Fat Frida: Violet Hour

Frida 'Fat'

There's more Frida to love in these big skeins - 200 more yards to be exact! That’s  600 yds in all, perfect for shawls, or maybe you need to make some REALLY BIG SOCKS! 150 grams and approx. 600 yds. 8 sts on US 1-2 (2.25mm -2.75mm) Seen above in "Violet Hour."  $35.00

Flocculent: Original Lucky Charms



Fluffy, soft and wooly - those words describe the word and the yarn perfectly. This is the special yarn you reach for when you hear your daughter or best friend is going to have a baby. Four-plies of 80% merino, 10% nylon and 10% cashmere. Each skein is 100g for approximately 435yds. 6-7 sts per inch on US 1-2 (2.25mm-2.75mm). Seen above in "Faraday Frog."  $25.00

Felix: Plum

Felix Helix

Perfect for warm, wooly socks - a blend of 80% superwash BFL (Blue-Faced Leicester) and 20% nylon, each 100 gram skein is approx. 400 yds. Figure about 6-7 sts per inch on US 1-2 (2.25mm-2.75mm). Seen above in "Plum." $20.00

Freddy: Navy Rainbow


The hi-twist of the plies makes for great stitch definition and a blend of 80% superwash merino plus 20% nylon is perfect for socks. Each 2-ply, 100 gram skein is roughly 400yds. A soft but strong yarn that dyes up with rich saturation. Seen above in "Navy Rainbow." $19.00

Fiona: Painted Sky

Fiona Helix

She's the silky and sexy member of the Helix Family. 80% superwash merino, 20% silk. 100 grams and approx. 400 yds. 7-8 sts on US 1-2 (2.25mm-2.75mm).  Seen above in "Painted Sky."  $25.00

Fat Fiona: Birthday Party

Fiona 'Fat'

More silk to love. Just like the Frida version, this is 200 more yards for a total of 600 yards. 80% superwash merino, 20% silk. 150 grams and approx. 600 yds. 7-8 sts on US 1-2 (2.25mm-2.75mm). Seen above in "Birthday Party."  $35.00

Filomena: Sunrise


70% merino superwash, 30% silk in a “singles” construction (looks like one-ply). Great sheen, drape and hand. This is such a lovely, silky indulgence. 100 grams and approx. 435yds. 7 sts on US 2 (2.75mm) Seen above in  "Sunrise" $23.00

Proper Sock: Orion Nebula

Proper Sock

Is there such a thing as low twist? This is your basic, 2-ply sock yarn, well suited to ‘trouser socks' and lighter weight accessories. 75% superwash merino, 25% nylon. 100 grams and approx. 460 yds. 8 sts on US 1 (2.25mm). Seen above in "Orion Nebula."  $19.00

Splendid: Spring Garden


The best fingering yarn on the market, period. Once you try it, you’ll agree. It's construction of 4 strong plies and 100% superwash merino make it ideal for socks, hats, gloves, mitts, cowls, leggings, skirts, sweaters, vests… you’re getting the idea. It’s the BEST fingering yarn, maybe the best yarn ever! 100 grams and approx. 435 yds. 7 sts on US 1-2 (2.25mm-2.75mm).  Seen above in "Spring Garden."  $20.00

Tweedy: Midcentury Modern

Tweedy Sock

BFL (Blue Face Leicester) plus nylon with the lovely donegal tweed nubbins that make tweed interesting and sophisticated all at once. Get classic! Get Tweedy! 85% BFL, 15% nylon. 100 grams and approx. 435 yds. 7-8 sts on US 0-1 (2.00-2.25mm). Seen above in "Midcentury Modern."  $20.00

Boffo!: Other Eden


BFL (Blue-Faced Leicester) and 655yds of it! It's like knitting with kevlar. Ok, maybe that's a giant exaggeration; it will NOT stop a bullet. But this stuff is tough stuff thanks to 8-plies of 100% superwash
BFL wound round 'n round itself. Fantastic for shawls - lace work in particular lends itself to this yarn.
It feels a bit like linen, too. Each 150 gram skein is approx. 655 yds. 8 sts on US 0-1 (2.00-2.25mm).  Seen above in "Other Eden."  $35.00

Boffo Jr: Clematis

Boffo Jr

BFL (Blue-Faced Leicester) This is the ebullient son-of Boffo. Same great yarn in a 100 gram skein. That's nearly 440yds of 8-plies of 100% BFL super wash wound round and round itself. Tough stuff, this! Approximately 8 sts per inch on US 0-1 (2.00-2.25mm).  Seen above in "Clematis."  $25.00


Sporty: Modern Art


Sport is the newest trend in sweaters because it’s finer than DK but thicker than fingering, so your sweater will look ‘professional' without you having to spend the rest of your days trying to finish your project. Apparently the masses equates thicker yarn with hand knitting as if that’s not a good thing, but  pffft, knit your heart out with this. 3 plies 100% superwash merino with approx 330 yds per 100g. US 2-4 (/2.75mm -3.75mm).  $22.00

DK Light: Novel

DK Light

...or should we call it the “new inbetweener?” Because really, it's too thick to be a sport. It’s comparable
to a few of the DK yarns out there with about 275 yds to 100g. It’s the perfect baby garment and accessory yarn - divine for little sweaters, blankies, hats, booties and rompers. But this is also a great adult garment yarn. 8 plies of 100% superwash merino. 5-6 sts per inch on US 4-6 (3.5mm-4.0mm). Seen above in
"Holly's Blue." $22.00

Proper DK: Joyce Blue

Proper DK

Approximately 250 yds to 115g superwash merino and a hand that feels like there's silk somewhere in those 4 plies, but of course, there's not. 4.5-5 sts on US 4-6 (3.5mm-4.0mm) Seem above in "Joyce Blue." $22.00

Available by custom order:

Which means, you may not find any skeins in the shop, but we have at least some of the yarns below in stock And will let you know a lead time for ordering. 

Top Dog Worsted: Double Bubble


100g of 100% super wash merino wool and approx. 218 yds. 4-5 sts per 1” on 7-8 (4.5mm-5.0mm) This is the same yarn as our gorgeous Top Dog DK Light, so if you've used that and loved it, give this Worsted a try, you get the same super-stretchy, fabulous stitch definition result, along with that slightly shiny-silky sheen! Seen above in "Double Bubble."  $22.00.

Worsted Proper: Poison Green


100g of 100% super wash merino wool and approx. 218 yds. 4-5 sts per 1” on 7-8 (4.5mm-5.0mm) Seen above in "Poison Green."  $22.00

Yak Yak: Urban Stripes


100g for approx 437 yds. &0% sw merino, 20% yak and 10% nylon. So exotic! So indulgent! Feels so much like Splendid you'll want to knit a sock up pronto. Or maybe a shawl. Or a hat and some mitts. Maybe a sweater, or a baby blancket, or...  Whatever you choose, choose something and get knitting! This natural color of this yarn is the lighter of the stripes seen above. That's right, it's the natural brown-gray of the yak her (or him) self! Seen above in Urban Stripes.  $25.00

Reshami: 4th of July

reshami Fingering

100g for approx 438yds. 50% sw merino, 50% silk. This is habit forming and so lovely. A bit challenging for a new knitter and there's less "springiness." Seen above in "4th of July"  $25.00

Hatshepsut: Modern Art


100g for approx 435yds. 3-plies of 50% alpaca, 25% silk and 25% linen. This is a unique luxury yarn for more advanced knitters.  This yarn dyes up in more muted tones yielding a more sophisticated look. Perfect for a very special project. Seen above in "Modern Art."  $32.00

Tweedy DK: Violet Orange

Tweedy DK

100g and approx 231yd. 4-ply, 80% superwash merino and 15% nylon - the little nubbins that make up the tweed. 4.5-5 sts on US 4-6 (3.5mm-4.0mm). Seen above in "Violet Orange."   $20.00

Tweedy Worsted

100g and approx183yd. 3-ply, 80% superwash merino and 15% nylon - the little nubbins that make up the tweed. 4-5 sts on US 7-8 (4.5 mm - 5.0mm).  $20.00

Prime Fingering

100g for approx 435yds. 3-plies of 70% super wash BFL, 20% silk and 10% cashmere. A truly luxiurious yarn. This is the one you save for that extra special little something for the person you love best in the world.  $35.00

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Commissions Or custom dyeing

Drop me a note with the yarn base you're looking for. We will get right back to you with details and an anticipated lead time.