Variegated Colorways for 2016-17

midnight hour

violet hour

crimson rambler

millie's triumph

smash box with red

smash box

gaudi evening

purple passion flower

purple rain

darker painted sky*

modern art*

exuberant lucky charms*

arctic poppy


carved pumpkin

orion's nebula

octopus' garden

deep purple

darkest painted sky*

modern art*

lucky charms*

mariposa lily


caramel cluster

like peppermint smells

european bee eater



modern art*

modern lucky charms*



leaky bic pen

fern gully

chartreuse smash

painted sky*

modern art*

extreme lucky charms*



lemon head

black watch

other eden

modified chartreuse smash

* marked colorways are extremely changeable and we cannot guarantee that the skein(s) you order will look exactly the same as the photos you see. In the case of Painted Sky, we can give you darker and darkest from the original, though the color areas may be slightly different in size and orientation. When ordering Lucky Charms vs. Modern Lucky Charms, it's a matter of blue dye -- do you want it mostly blue or not? And for Modern Art, it's really all up in the air; it's our most mysterious colorway.