14 New colors and colorways for2017 - 2018

As always, we like to give you a range of colors and colorways that are trending in other areas of life - in clothing and decor, perhaps. But then, since so much of what we do is influenced by nature, you play a huge part. Especially this year. Three of my favorite new colors are results of photos sent by customers in the last couple of months. Two during our annual garden-yarn-spiration contests, and one as a result of a conversation about recurring colors one sometimes observes all over one's life. So without you, there'd be no Blue Dahlia, no Rita's Orchid and no Emerald Dancing - the three most fun variegated yarns in the bunch. So, thanks to everyone who sends in pics and engages in what is clearly not so idle chatter within the Ravelry Group.

Look for these colors and colorways to turn up in the shop beginning tonight.. And remember, you can ALWAYS ORDER WHAT YOU WANT, WHEN YOU WANT IT, HOW YOU WANT IT - Pick the the weight you want, the base yarn you want and in the quantity you want and then get it in a few days!  What you want isn't in the shop? Just holler, we'll dye it right up for you!


2017-18 NEW COLORS!



watermelon daicquiri

emerald dancing

mourning dove

cool violet

blue jean baby queen


ginkgo leaf

harry's gray

blue dahlia

cardinal sins

rita's orchid

city mouse

To order any of these new colorways simply drop up a note!


semi-solid or tonal colors for 2016-17

little boy blue


north sea

industrial midnight

storm cloud



cocoa powder

sea hunt


dainty bess rose

emerald city