Beginning March 14th, 2017, we're trying something new! Instead of having to contact us in advance of using your Reward Credit, or having us Refund itafter your purchase, we're going to issue a coupon code good for the amount of your Reward for use with your next purchase. Just like any other Coupon Code, you'll enter it at check-out and it will take the pre-coded amount off your total. You'll find this code listed on the Rewards statement you receive with every purchase - we've added a special column for it - check out the image below.

So stay tuned for your first Reward Coupon Code and be sure to let us know if this makes shopping at gnarledpaw easier!

And now:

Thank you so much for shopping at gnarledpaw.

We know there are a zillion other places you can take your yarn dollars on the internet, so our aim is to make your gnarledpaw shopping experience the most rewarding it can be– from gorgeous and distinctive colorways dyed just for you on the most luxurious and divine fiber bases to the way we say thank you.

You’ll earn 5 points for every $50 dollars you spend on yarn. That’s on in-stock items or custom-ordered yarn. Shipping and tax are not included. Likewise, a discount or sale price will only earn you the amount you actually pay versus the regular price. Each Dec. 31st the clock resets and we start again. Toward the end of the year, we'll do our best to remind you if you have dollars to use up.

We start counting on January 1st of every year. and once you’ve spent $50, you’ll earn a $5 credit good on any subsequent purchase. Spend another $50 and that’s $5 more. Awards are issued at 50-dollar increments.


To use your credits:

Simply check the Rewards statement we send you attached to the receipt you receive with every purchase. If you qualified for a reward, you'll find a code listed in the last column on the right. However, you do NOT want to accrue (amass) a pile of coupon codes, because you can only use one at a time! If you forget your code or lose your statement, simply contact us and we'll get the code to you. 


Q: What happens if I spend $75 on my first purchase? 
A: You will have $5 credit for your next purchase.

Q: Hang on, what if I spend $200 on my first purchase? Are you saying I’ll have to wait to get my $20 off?
A: Yes, because there is no way for Etsy will know about our Rewards Program and for now, we rely on their “cash register.”

Q: Is there any way you can make an exception in this situation? 
A: Actually, there is. But you'll have to contact us first and allow us to set up a Custom Ticket for you to check out with. 

Q: Where do I find my Coupon Code?

A: Find it on the statement you received with your last purchase.

Q: What if there's no code there?

A: Chances are your statement was sent before we started the program, in which case you can contact us for your code, or check to see - maybe you didn't get a code because you didn't qualify for a Reward. We'll still be issuing Rewards in $50 increments.

Q: Let’s say I’ve spent $250 with you and I’m about to spend another $250–
A: We’ll stop you right there and suggest you contact us so we work it out in advance. 

Q: What if I forget to use the code and I've already checked out?
A: You can save it for next time, but you can't use multiple codes together. Contact us and we may be able to issue a single code with multiple reward amounts.

Q: Could you explain how to read my statement? I'm confused!
Sorry about that, here's how the new statements work. You can click the image to enlarge it:

Click to blow up the image and better see the "fine print!"

Still have questions? Email us!